Chief Patrons

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief Minister of Kerala
Department of Industries and Commerce, Principal Secretary
(English) M H Shariar
(English) S R Vinayakumar
Managing Director

എൻ. എസ്. ഡി

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എഫ് എ എ റ്റി എസ്

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(English) Electronic Energy Meters

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  • (English) Loreum Ispum 2015-10-14

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Electronic Energy Meters

Single Phase & Three Phase.

3Φ സ്റ്റാറ്റിക് എനര്‍ജി മീറ്റെര്‍

Salient Features »

1Φ സ്റ്റാറ്റിക് എനര്‍ജി മീറ്റെര്‍

Salient Features »

Auto Transformer Starter

Fully Automatic

The salient of this starter is its automatic switch over to full rated voltage. The starting current is minimised to attain higher starting torque with the help of an auto transformer. tapping is provided for 40%, 60% and 80% of the voltage to be supplied. The panel consist of a Thermal Overload Relay, Star Contractor with timer (0-30 sec), a Main Contractor and a Run Contractor. The starting time can be set by the user depending upon the application. The temperature of the transformer is set to safe limit using a thermostat.
A bimetalic thermal overload realy is provided for overload protection. Under voltage protection is provided by means of U/V coils of the contractor connected across supply mains. The cabinet is manufactured out of 10SWG & 14SWG sheet. The bus bars are of tinned Copper electrical grade of suitable capacity having R,Y,B color code.
Fuse units of suitable ratings are provided and indication lamps for ON and OFF conditions are fixed on the panel.Current in individual phases can be measured on the Ammeter using the phase selector switch.