VTS ( Vehicle Tracking System)

AIS -140 based vehicle tracking system provides a continuous monitoring system of public transport vehicles for better road safety and better support for enforcement services.
Vehicle location tracking system is a combination of hardware, software and communication technologies. The major components of tracking are

Vehicle Location Tracking Unit (VLT):

This is a hardware unit equipped with GNSS logger, a GPS/3G/4G based communication system, power supply and backup mechanism. The entire system is packed into a rigid enclosure with proper indications and power input.

Vehicle tracking software:

A software system receives the data from VLT and logs it. The data is further processed for generating automated alerts and messages. The software resides in the server

Communication facility:

The Vehicle Location Tracking Unit sends the geo location information to the server in a predefined interval .The most common communication method is using GPS/3G/4G , made possible using the existing mobile networks using eSIM.
Monitoring system: A map system is integrated to the software for real time plotting of the vehicles on a map. Monitoring centres can view this map displayed on a web browser.